We are thrilled to announce that Cheryl Urbanczyk will be part of our incredible lineup of speakers. Don’t miss her session.

Session: The Culture View of Reading: Science of Reading Models & Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

The Science of Reading (SoR) has been an important movement in ensuring the ‘Right to Read’ for all students.  An essential equity aspect in achieving this ‘Right’ is understanding and inclusion of student identity in the literacy learning process.  Foundational SoR models will be critically examined through the lens of student identity.  The ‘Culture View of Reading’ will be proposed and explained as a framework for incorporating student heritage and identity in the literacy process and how that then informs intentional instruction.  Implications for teaching will be considered through Structured Literacy and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. 

Cheryl Urbanczyk, OCT, is career educator who has been a classroom teacher and administrator in various settings in the US and Canada.  Currently, Cheryl is a Principal in the Ontario public school system.  When her own daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, it led to many years of learning about how best to teach literacy.  Cheryl is a Fellow-in-Training with the Orton-Gillingham Academy and a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist (CERI/IDA).  These experiences, both personal and professional, give her a unique expertise to understand literacy and dyslexia in the wider education context as well as understand the impact of literacy as an equity issue on student success.  Cheryl developed ‘The Culture View of Reading’ as a way to support this effort.