Effective instruction for multilingual learners requires careful consideration of cross-linguistic transfer and the integration of oral language skills! Learn more at #LitLearn with Megan Gierka & Nicole Ormandy from AIM Institute.

Session: Integrated and Accelerated Language and Literacy Instruction for English Learners

Students who are learning to read must become aware of the smallest segmented parts of spoken words (phonemes) that are represented by graphemes (letters and combinations of letters) in written words,” (IDA, 2022) and as such, teachers have the responsibility to deliver evidence-based instruction that facilitates students’ acquisition of these early literacy skills. Now consider the additional layer of educating a rapidly rising English learner population. To support the acquisition of both language and literacy, specialized teacher knowledge is required. This session explores research from two seminal literacy reports to support an integrated approach to phonemic awareness, phonics, and handwriting instruction, and the importance of capitalizing on two key adjustments—oral language proficiency and cross-language transfers – to advance second language and literacy acquisition among ELs.

An architect of school improvement systems, Megan Gierka, Ed.D. is a Senior Content Developer at AIM Institute for Learning and Research. In this role, Megan writes course content, develops training, and synthesizes the latest research findings into classroom practice and applicable tools. Prior to this role, she served a decade in the public school system as a teacher, reading specialist, and instructional coach. Megan holds a BS.Ed. in Elementary Education, M.Ed. in Reading Education, and Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.

Nicole Ormandy, M.S. Ed. is the Senior Director of Content Development at AIM Institute for Learning and Research. In this role, Nicole consults with researchers and literacy experts across the nation to synthesize and disseminate practical information and evidence-based strategies through presentations and online course content. Nicole was previously an Elementary and Special Education teacher, where she wrote curriculum and mentored colleagues and student teachers. She received a Master’s of Science in Special Education and a CERI Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher certificate.