Attention French educators – we are excited to offer breakout sessions for both Francophone and FSL educators at #LitLearn2024! Join Angeline Humber and Jordan Sloan for a session exploring FSL and the Right to Read. 

Session: FLS et le Droit de lire / FSL and the Right to Read

Les élèves de l’Ontario méritent des approches cohérentes et normalisées et un accès universel au même niveau et à la même qualité de services et de soutien, quel que soit l’école ou le conseil scolaire qu’ils fréquentent et que la langue d’enseignement soit l’anglais ou le français. (adapté: Le droit de lire, Sommaire, CODP, 2022) Une approche de littératie structurée est importante pour tous les élèves, y compris ceux des programmes d’immersion française. Rejoignez Angeline et Jordan pour explorer la littératie structurée dans le contexte de l’immersion française de l’évaluation à l’enseignement et pour apprendre à soutenir chaque apprenant dans son parcours de lecture.

Ontario students deserve consistent, standardized approaches and universal access to the same level and quality of services and supports regardless of which school or school board they attend, and whether the language of instruction is English or French.” (The Right to Read Executive Summary, OHRC, 2022) A structured literacy approach is important for all students, including those in French Immersion programs. Join Angeline and Jordan to explore structured literacy in the French Immersion context, from assessment to implementation, and to learn how to support every learner on their reading journey.

Angeline Humber is a Teacher Consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board supporting Early Years (birth to age 8) and French as a Second Language from Kindergarten to Grade 12. In her role, Angeline collaborates with colleagues within her school board as well as regionally, provincially and nationally to build capacity and support educators, students and programs.

Jordan is a Bilingual Literacy Coach with the Renfrew County District School Board, supporting Educators in English K-8 and in French as a Second Language K-12. She is a contributor to the work being done with ONLit, is past-President of the OMLTA, and works with colleagues regionally and provincially to promote structured literacy in English, French Immersion and français.